documents of that time I did shrooms and watched Hackers.


Overall Rating: 9/10 boxes of wine. THIS WAS A REALLY GOOD MOVIE CHOICE. What more can I say? The soundtrack is on point, everyone is a babe, pagers are back, and I’m feelin’ good y’all.
happy birthday to one of my many husbands

happy birthday to one of my many husbands

Barbara Hammer, Bent Time (1983)

Barbara Hammer, Bent Time (1983)


She’s All That (1999)

Directed by Robert Iscove

So full disclosure: I downloaded Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace with every intention of reviewing it, because, hello: Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor and Princess Amadala’s amazing haute couture costumes. But that movie was taking too long to download, so I was like, why not just see what’s on Netflix, and I saw Freddie Prinze Jr’s pretty face, and had to go for it. I didn’t mean to watch the whole damn thing but this is a great movie. Seriously. I was also monumentally hungover because it was the day after Halloween - so this was definitely a comfort movie choice.

This is one of my favourite movies of the 90s, and it has it all: Gabrielle Union, guest appearances from Usher and Lil Kim, Matthew Lillard as the quintessential 90s movies’ weird guy, Fairuza Balk, sweet tunes, Pygmalion-style makeovers, and a Culkin brother.

You know when you go back and watch movies you loved years ago, and you discover something new about them to appreciate? I really appreciated the underlying theme of the artist/weirdo struggling to express themselves. Lainey Boggs is a prolific painter, trying to live up to her mother’s legacy - but she wasn’t in touch with her individual style - that girl needed to go deep. Thankfully, FPJ helped with that. Then, she opened up his eyes to the hilarious and liberating world of performance art, when he took the stage to perform a hackey-sack inspired monologue. Creativity is an important sub-theme of this movie, and how it can be an empowering form of expression for a conventionally attractive confused young person running for prom queen.

But basically it is just a teen rom com and made me feel good throughout the course of my hangover. Also, LOL at Lainey’s Dad who can’t seem to get an answer right on Jeopardy. He’s so much better than the sad dad in Pretty in Pink.

Snaxxx: I had one of those frozen pizzas, Dr. Oetker’s thin crust veggie, it was just what I needed. I was hangover snacking hard too: Kettle Chips cracked salt and pepper and dark chocolate covered cranberries. I was really fucking satisfied with myself. I was also lying in bed for part of this, just so you know where I was at.

Overall rating: I am rejecting the notion of a guilty pleasure, I think that’s kind of elitist and plays into the whole high culture vs low culture/ironic dichotomy. So I love this movie, 8 boxes of wine out of 10. You get 90s babes, makeovers, and Usher. No complaints. Highly recommended for your next hangover (as are those Kettle chips, damn)

And so I leave you with this musical gem:


this is gonna be a really matthew lillard centric week and i wouldn’t have it any other way

harry dean ‘sad dad’ stanton forever